High School

High School Security Clearance

Raising our youth’s awareness about security clearances and what it takes to obtain one is essential to the development of Maryland’s workforce. The focus of Project SCOPE is just that — to educate youth about the issues surrounding security clearances and how to remain eligible for the myriad of jobs in Maryland as a result of the growth in the government and private sector industries.

Students: Understand how your past can affect your future and learn about the potential you have in many different careers.

Parents: Gain an understanding of the possibilities for your child’s future and why it is important to talk to your children about the choices they make.

Educators: Gain resources to support what you already teach your students. Enhance your curriculum to help educate students on the importance of being able to qualify for a security clearance and locate guest speakers from various backgrounds such as Law Enforcement, Information Technology, Construction, Engineering, and Office Management to discuss real world applications of what you are teaching.