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About Project SCOPE

Maryland is a hub of intelligence, technology, engineering and bioscience industries for our nation. To stay competitive, the state will need new hires for all the positions being created and those that will be left vacant when other employees retire. Many of these positions will require applicants to obtain a security clearance.

In 2009, at the forefront of efforts to help businesses and the government fill this need, the Fort Meade Alliance debuted Project SCOPE (Security Clearance Overview and Preparation Education). Originally envisioned as a way to help secondary and college students understand the good decisions they would need to make to remain eligible for security clearances, Project SCOPE has since expanded to provide transitioning workers and military and veterans with the tools they need to understand, navigate and master the security clearance process.

About the Fort Meade Alliance

The Fort Meade Alliance mission is to promote Fort George G. Meade as a growing regional economic asset and provide impact to the region with targeted programs and initiatives. Among its priorities, the volunteer-based non-profit is dedicated to tackling the education & workforce needs in the Fort Meade region.