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Tailoring Your Resume

One resume will not fit all job applications. In fact, some job-search experts say job seekers should tailor their resume to each individual job opening and emphasize your skills, training and experiences that most directly meet that job's requirements.

Some resources and best practices will help you with that process.

Multiple organizations provide resume writing assistance for transitioning military, veterans and individuals who are changing careers. They include:

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Employment websites - both general sites and those gearing to transitioning military and veterans - offer numerous articles about effective resume writing (and many other aspects of job searches). They include: 

Remain vigilant about translating your military training, skills and experience into terms that can be clearly understood by civilian hiring managers in banking, transportation, manufacturing, engineering or any other industry that you are focusing on. And be especially vigilant about explaining the duties, abilities and responsibilities that were part of your rank and grade. Most civilian hiring managers don't know what an E5 is and will pass over that person when searching for a middle manager unless the applicant explains the managerial responsibilities that came with an E5 designation.

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